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Member Photos; The Early Years

1973 Aug GilGeorge Car lCaldarera at Palermo N Groton

1973 June 24 Ted Agos Carl Calderara Serandite Hole St Hilaire

1975 March 22 Neil Yedlin at the Bridgewater MA Show

1980 Steve Cares

1976 June 5 Raph Carr Fred Colby at BU

1980 Jan Cleaves Dodge Pat Barker John Stewart Gabrielle Coignet Vickie Palmer Servrens at BU rm 5

1980 April 5 Jim and Bettee Taparows at BU

1981 April 5 Stella Perlman Norm Biggart John Stewart Pat Barker Rm 1 BU

1981 Nov Gil George Holmes Wilson at the Cares

1981 June Margaret Stewart Pat Barker Shelly Monaghan at the Cares House

1981 June Palmer Sevrens Larry Pitman at the Cares House

1981 June Vera Fogg Vi Robertson at the Cares House

1981 June Forrest Fogg at the Cares House

1982 Bob Whitmore at the Cares

1982 Steve Cares at a micro mtg at his home

1982 Cleaves Dodge

1985 Holmes Wilson Fran Morrison Ralph Carr Florence Fox 4h Center

1984 Sept 15 Phyllis Leighton Bob and Shelly Monaghan Pat Barker Palmer Sevrens Cranston RI Library

1984 Sept 15 Don McKenna Rudy Perlman Cranston Library

1984 Sept 15 Frank Leighton Fran Morrison Holmes Wilson Cranston Library

1985 Nov 24 Marilyn Dodge Angie Teixeira Palmer Sevrens Harvard Museum

1986 April 19 Palmer Sevrens with prize from Mt St Hilaire

1985 March 11 Janet Cares Gene Bearrs 4h Ashland MA

1985 May 11 Ralph and Violet Carr Ashland 4H

1985 May 11 Mike Swanson Shelly Monaghan Pat Barker Frank Leighton Neal Briggs Ashland 4H

1985 May 11 Betty Sevrens Norm Biggart Ashland 4H

1985 May 11 Herb and Julia Fielding

1987 May 2 Vi Anderson Frank Leighton Speaker Dr Joe Mandarino Bill Henderson at Ashland 4H

1987 Oct 10 Frank Leighton Herb Fielding at the Foggs

1988 Jan Steve Cares Gene Bearss Janet Cares Merri Porro at BU

1988 July 17 Reiner John Buckley the Stewarts Pat Barker Norm Biggart Palermo weekend

1988 Sept Fran Morrison Pat Barker Tamworth Rock Swap Brag Day

1988 Oct 1 Forrest and Vera Fogg Carolyn Lane Marge Hitching collecting winter berries at the Foggs

1969 Oct25 Jim Taparowsky GilGeorge GraceDearborn at Harvard

1975 July 27 Martha Reiner Reiner micro meeting



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