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January 2009 Non-Palermo Phosphate from New Hampshire

The January first ever specimen competition was a big hit and a great success. Five entries of non-Palermo phosphates made it to the table for evaluation. There was no laughing.

I tried to photograph all of the entries with the new club camera, but with time being of the essence, less than splendid results ensued. While the computer monitor fairly well duplicates what we see through the microscope, I was not prepared for the level of color distortion that occurs between the laptop and the projector. I think I will have to try to run a white balance test on the two devices and see if there is anyway I can enhance the group display. Even concentrating only on the computer monitor for quality color reporduction is challenging. Keeping that in mind, here are our January submissions:

click on each image for larger rendition

1. Gene Bearss – Pyromorphite Mineral Hill, Wakefield, NH
2. Ingeborg Burggraf - Goyazite Keyes Mine
3. Dana M Jewell - Phosfosiderite & Bermenite Fletcher Mine
3. Anna Wilkens Fluorapatite, Chickering Mine
4. Pat Barker - Scorzalite Charles Davis Mine
Somehow I lost the paper work for Anna's second submission - a beautiful Eosphorite

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